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Calderdale Retreat November activities

Sunday 1st - National cinnamon day - Bonfire quiz

Monday 2nd - Bonfire artwork

Tuesday 3rd - Pamper day - with manicures

Wednesday 4th - Movement to music

Thursday 5th - Bonfire tea/ come dine with me/ fireworks through the windows.

Friday 6th - Table games/ family visits and celebrating Marlene's birthday

Saturday 7th - Painting dough decorations

Sunday 8th - Post cards of kindness

Monday 9th - One to ones/ writing christmas cards.

Tuesday 10th - Pamper day with manicures and massages

Wednesday 11th - Remembrance day/ movement to music.

Thursday 12th - Photographing christmas cards and celebrating Arthur's 90th birthday.

Friday 13th - World kindness day - singalong.

Saturday 14th - Wear your PJ's to work day - Diwali starts and celebrating Joan's birthday.

Sunday 15th - Relax with film.

Monday 16th - Making Ladoo with Kashiben.

Tuesday 17th - Pamper day with manicures.

Wednesday 18th - Movement to music with gentle exercise.

Thursday 19th - International men's day.

Friday 20th - One to one with family visits.

Saturday 21st - National gingerbread cookie day/ finishing cookie decorations.

Sunday 22nd - Garden visits/ spiritual room and celebrating Peter's birthday.

Monday 23rd - Art group.

Tuesday 24th - Pamper day with manicures.

Wednesday 25th - Movement to music.

Thursday 26th - Let's get ready for christmas.

Friday 27th - Dress down and odd sock day.

Saturday 28th - National French toast day.

Sunday 29th - Relax before the fun begins.

Monday 30th - Resident social meeting/ one to ones


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